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“Words cannot express how pleased I am with the beautiful and fun website that Charlie created for me. If you need a designer who can completely understand you and your business then look no further.”

— Deb Camp, CPA, MBA


Website Design Matters

Because First Impressions Matter… A LOT!



94% of the data people use
to form their first impressions
are based on website design.


75% of consumers judge
a company’s credibility
based on their website design.



Your small business website is your first (and sometimes your last) chance to
connect with customers and build trust.


Let’s Face It!


You could have the best product or service on the market, but if your website fails to build trust it will fail to convert.


You know this…

People don’t do business with products and services, they do business with people.

People they…


Trust is the magic sauce that inspires people to contact you.

That’s Why Your Small Local Business Needs A Website That Works For You!


If you don’t consider yourself “tech savvy” the idea of creating or updating a website can be overwhelming, daunting, stressful, or for some even down right terrifying.

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Don’t Panic!




About CBC

Yes, we build websites, that’s what we do. More importantly though we are committed to helping local businesses thrive - that’s why we do it!

Small Local Businesses, like yours, are the life blood of their communities.

As the leader of a small local business you are also a leader in your community, creating jobs, fueling culture, facilitating relationships, sponsoring events, and so much more.

We love to see local businesses thrive, because we love to see local communities thrive.

Whether your business is in the idea phase, just starting up, or well established…

CBC has your back!


Our Website Services Are Built On A Foundation Of…

Everything We Do Is Informed By These 4 Core Values.



What to Expect

Imagine for a moment that you decided to enlist our help to create the website of your dreams!

Here is what you can expect:

 We’ll explore (for free) your business goals, 
connect with your website vision, 
and help you determine the best course of action.

 Our team will educate you on every aspect of website ownership. 
You will always know exactly what you are investing in and why!

Third… comes the fun part! 
We are the website pros, but you are the expert on your business.
 Our team will work with you to create the best website possible.

 We will train you or a member of your staff 
to manage your website like a pro. 
Our job here is done. You’ve got this!


Our FREE Complimentary Consultations are a great way for you to decide if CBC is the best resource for your small business website!

No Obligation Required!


Website Services Overview

CBC offers a variety of website services
for all stages of business growth.


Do it Yourself

Website Design Audit


Done With You

Squarespace Design Coaching


Done for You

Branded Design + Copy + SEO + Lead Capture


Claim Your FREE Consultation Today to Discover
Which Website Service is Best for You and Your Business!

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Charlie is way more than a web designer. She also brings the skills of brand strategist and coach. She was the perfect person to help me think through what I DO want on my website. Partnering with Charlie was much more rewarding than working with a transactional web services vendor.
I highly recommend her!
— Trina Hoefling, Speaker, Author, and Executive Coach

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