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Website Design Matters


It’s a wonderful thing to…

  • be passionate about your work

  • be backed by a powerful mission

  • to tell a compelling story and see customers rally around you, even refer their friends

  • to be an influential person in your local community

What’s not to love?

Well for many local business owners I talk to, the answer is their current website.

If you’re being honest, your current website’s a hot mess.

  • It’s wayyy out dated

  • Doesn’t respond well on mobile.

  • It gets little to no traffic.

  • Doesn’t produce enough leads.

Bottom line… 

…your current website is not helping you grow your business and you wonder if in fact the opposite might be true, 

“Could my website be hurting my business? Repelling potential customers?”

And yet you keep putting it off, because well let’s be honest:

  • You aren’t super tech savvy so you can’t exactly DIY the thing

  • You got burned by a website designer or seo company or some other marketer in the past.

  • You can't seem to find the time or energy. 

  • You are in full on overwhelm mode… having no idea where to get started or what to even get started on.

What you need is a trusted advisor to help you navigate the world of local business websites.

Someone who will educate you about website ownership. So you can make confident informed decisions about investing in your website.


Your Local business website is your first
(and sometimes your last)
chance to 
connect with customers and build trust.

94% of the data people use to form their first impressions are based on website design.
75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on their website design.
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About CBC

Hi! I’m Charlie

…high-energy tech-savvy website redesign extraordinaire. I geek out on making local businesses look awesome online!

I build websites, that’s what I do - now! But it wasn’t always this way, I studied psychology not computer science. 

Long story short, I got burned 😤 by a designer. 😞 Broke and bummed I rolled up my sleeves 💪 and got to work, “DIY website here I come.”

I’m telling you this because I want you to know and really get that - I was just like you: a business owner, doing what needs to be done to a business.

But honestly, what you probably shouldn’t be doing, is wasting your precious time and energy clicking aimlessly the interweb guessing and checking your way through a website redesign project.

Instead, scroll down to discover the 6 things all effective local business websites have in common, then hire me to get your set up for success!


Effective Local Business Websites Have 6 Things in Common!

1.) Modern Branded Design

Modern websites make you look legit! This makes your customers feel at ease (and cool by association) which is great for business.

2.) Clear and Simple Site Wide Navigation

Confused website visitors bounce, literally. Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for, so they can say “yes!” and give you their money.

3.) Easy to Read Scannable Content

People are busy! You only have seconds to grab their attention and communicate your value.

4.) Clear Calls to Action, Optimized to Convert

Invite people to take the next step! If you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it!

5.) Strategic On-Page and Local SEO

Be findable! Local customers are already looking for you on Google and other major search engines.

6.) Responsive Design

Be where your customers are! When your site looks good on all devices, your business is literally at everyone’s finger tips.


“Oh no! My site doesn’t have these 6 things in place!!”

Don’t panic…
Now is the perfect time to change all that?

“Yes, Please I want a website like that!”

Good, great, grand!
I want that for you too.


Website Services Overview

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What option would work best for you?
 DIY? Done WITH you? Done FOR you?

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