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About Charlie Birch Consulting

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 My story is long and winding, but let’s be honest you don’t wanna spend all day reading about me.

Most people want to know about some if not all of the following things…


 What does a web designer do exactly?

Web designers are trained to leverage website builders to design modern mobile friendly website.

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Why would I hire you vs some other Web Designer?

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I started Charlie Birch Consulting, because I saw a need for a different type of web design service. A web design service that educates clients about website ownership, design best practices, SEO, and how to leverage web apps to automate and/or streamline business operations. A web design service that empowers business owners to step into their power and become self-sufficient website owners. A web design service that is affordable on the startup and small business budgets that dominate the local business landscape.

I work with my clients - guiding them to make informed decisions at every stage of the website creation process. Perhaps more importantly, once built to their liking, I train all my clients on how to manage their websites themselves. Though I do provide website management services to clients who want to outsource this role, I never want my clients to feel dependent on me - keeping me on the paying out of desperation - yuck!

I’m going to let you in on a secret - building and managing a website is not rocket science, in fact its become increasingly easier in recent years. There are some seriously powerful tools and learning resources that you can leverage for DIY website projects. The biggest issues you are likely to encounter are lack of time, design possibility overwhelm, and information overload!

Most business owners’ time and brainpower is best spent generating leads, closing sales, and serving clients vs trying to sift through hours and hours and pages and pages of DIY tutorials online.

I have spent years learning all about website tech, web design best practices, web copy, SEO, and more. This is my area of genius, why not rent my expertise to get your dream website built quickly and painlessly, so you can keep doing what you do best!?

Are you the right Web Designer for my Business website?

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Great question! While I do specialize in local business websites and am a great resource for business owners who eventually want to manage their own websites, another huge variable is - do we enjoy each other?!

Web design is a very collaborative creative process. I work very closely with my clients, so it’s important to me that my clients jive with my personality and vice versa. I invite you to schedule a complimentary call on a time and day that works best for you. You can fill me in on your project needs, I can answer any lingering questions you might have, and we can get to know each other a bit.

 Did you go to school for web design?

Nope! I’m a completely self taught web designer. My background is actually in dance and psychology all the way to the Master Level. I had every intention of working in the healing arts and personal and professional development space.

Did you go to school for web design?

Years ago I set out to start my own leadership and team building coaching and training business. I knew next to nothing about building a website, so I enlisted the help of a friend who was working as a graphic designer. Long story short this collaboration was not successful. Two months past my intended site launch date I found myself in a bind - having invested 2k with no website to speak of.

I scrambled to hire another web professional (at an additional fee) to help me get something live. While he did get a site live for me - he offered very little in terms of site mapping, design, copy writing, app integration, or SEO. The result was a clunky lack luster Wordpress website hosted by Bluehost; a website I was not proud to show off. even worse, I had zero confidence in my ability to maintain or revise the site as needed.

With no budget remaining to outsource my website, I rolled up my sleeves and put on my DIY hat!

One of my mentors says, “Things don’t happen to us - they happen for us!”

This botched website project happened for me to uncover my passion and knack for website design. A passion that allows me to integrate my love of all things creative, my commitment to professional collaboration and entrepreneurship as a way of doing business, my obsession with building systems that help people work smarter instead of harder, and my commitment to celebrating local business ecosystems and the communities they serve.

Why Local Businesses?

I build website for local business because I am passionate about local communities and economies.

Brand Values

Brand Values Transparency, Education, Collaboration, Autonomy


Scope of work and expenses are provided in an itemized proposal from day one. Should a project evolve as it progresses, additional costs will always be communicated clearly - no surprise bills.


Industry jargon will be explained or replaced with laymen terminology to ensure clear communication, so you can make informed decisions about your website.


We will work together to blend your knowledge of your business and my web design expertise to build you the best website possible!


I will train you on how to use and maintain your website unless you wish to utilize website management services.


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