What is Squarespace and why do you use it?

Squarespace is an all-in-one website platform that is extremely versatile in regard to both design and function. All Squarespace website owners have unlimited customer support (aka your very own IT department), unlimited hosting, top-of-the-line security, and enterprise-grade infrastructure. I use Squarespace for my own website (yes this one) for all these reasons.

There are also a few additional reason why I do all my client work on Squarespace. As a professional Squarespace user, I am also able to offer my clients some exclusive benefits:

  • 20% off your first year of any Squarespace annual plan.

  • 6-month trial periods, which means your site will be live 5 months before you owe Squarespace a dime!

  • Access to new platform features before they are available to the general public.

Plus, it’s important to me to educate my clients about website ownership and empower them to manage their own websites once they go live! Squarespace makes it super easy for me to train business owners to become confident webmasters.

What is web hosting?

Every website needs to be hosted. Think of hosting as digital real estate. The literal place where your site lives, the place the data is stored. Not all hosting is created equal and with Squarespace you have unlimited hosting. For example, let’s say you pay a certain amount in property taxes, but when you add an extra floor to your home your property taxes go up! This is what is is like to have limited website hosting. As your site grows some hosting companies will charge you more money. Squarespace won’t!

What is a website platform?

Every website needs to be built with something. Just like your house needs a foundation and is made using tools and specific materials. Think of the Squarespace platform as your website’s foundation, as well as, the tools and materials you’ll need to build your website.

Making the decision to partner with a Web Designer, like me, and use a platform like Squarespace to build your website, is like making the decision to partner with a contractor and use the right supplies to build a house.

When it matters most, hire an expert to get the job done right!

Now if you’re a die hard DIYer, power to you, but let’s be honest that’s not for everyone!

How long does it take to Build a new business website?

Once I starting implementing the design most local business websites take a month to finalize and launch, sometimes less but never more.

I always schedule projects at least one month out. Let’s say you request me as a Web Designer in December, the soonest I would ever schedule your project would be January.

“What!? Why can’t we start right away?”

Booking the design portion of the project at least a month out allows you time to get your website assets together (copy, images, etc.). This timeline also allows me to block of my schedule and focus on your website and your website only for one whole month. Yup that’s right you get my undivided attention and creativity for your very own exclusive website design month. Request a free quote today and you’ll be one step closer to securing your exclusive design month, first come first serve.

(subject to availability)

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. Choosing a web designer is a big decision. It’s important to find the designer whose area of expertise, style, and personality best align with you and your business. That’s why I offer a free 30min call to all prospective clients. Book your call today!

How much will it cost to build my business website?

Every project is different. To get your free quote, simply fill out this form!

Will we be able to maintain our business website internally, or will you do that for us?

For most local businesses it makes more sense financially to approach on-going website management internally. I train all my clients on how to access, manage, and update their sites. I never want my clients to feel dependent on me - yuck! Rather, if and when clients hire me to serve as their business’s website manager it is only because it makes more sense for them to delegate the task in order to free up their time.

I Want my site to look like “X” - can you do that?

The answer to this question is almost always yes, but I won’t as copying a design is essentially plagiarism. Plus, I would strongly advise against a copycat approach to web design, as it won’t help you differentiate your business from your competitors.

Most people copy website designs, because they are overwhelmed by the site creation process. However, when you hire an expert web designer - like me - you can rest easy. I’ve got all kinds of creative ideas up my sleeve, together we will create something fabulous and unique!

I do suggest finding a few business websites that we can use for inspiration. Together we will identify the qualities, features, etc. of each site that you like. For example do you like bold colors, funky fonts, and full-bleed images? Or perhaps you want a super simple, clean almost muted website design - minimalism is your jam!?

Do I need to have a photo Shoot for my Business Website?

No, you don’t need to invest in and schedule a photo shoot. However, you do need intentional high qualities photos to ensure a professional design. Are original pictures better? Sure, and often you can get great photo with your phone’s camera. You can also source pictures online from a stock photo library. Check out this article to learn about the best sites for free stock photos.

The type of business will also inform the choice of photo. For example, if you own a yoga studio, you might choose to use stock photos everywhere except on your “meet the teachers” page. If you are a local artisanal baker and you are the brand then yea maybe a really nice picture of you baking would be a good investment.

Can I add _________ to my website?

99% yes. It is possible to add almost anything to a website. If it can be done online, then there is probably an app for that and a way to integrate that app with your Squarespace website. Squarespace also has alot of native features that you can leverage to increase the performance capability of your business website. You want to add a scheduling app, done. You want to add e-commerce, great. You want to have a members area, we got this!

I work with my clients to research the best tools, bells and whistles, at the best price to help them leverage their business website to work smarter not harder. Your website should work for you!

And… if there isn’t an app for that, I have relationships with developers who can usually help!

When requesting a free quote for a website design or redesign project, be sure to include a note about any special features you imagine for your site. If you are merely looking to upgrade your business website to include a new feature, request a website upgrade.

Can you write my site content for me?

I will help you determine the types of website content you need (About blurb, FAQ page, Products/Service descriptions, Values, Mission, etc.), but remember that when it comes to your business you are the expert! I will also make suggested revisions to streamline and repurpose copy, as well as, improve on-page SEO.

If you want or need a branding coach to help you clarify your brand voice and hash out your core messaging…

…or if you want to hire a copywriter to draft a sales page…

…I can make recommendations. Request referrals.

How can our business’s website show up higher in Google rankings?

Performing well on Google has everything to do with your site’s SEO - search engine optimization. There are alot of variables that affect SEO: age of site, keyword research, page titles, page slugs, image meta data, geotagging, backlinks, authority of your site…

If performing well on Google or other search engines in a big part of your strategy it is definitely worth developing a basic understanding of SEO best practices and/or hiring an SEO expert.

Are you an SEO expert?

I am a local SEO and on-page SEO expert.

When designing a business website from scratch I ensure the site as a whole and each individual page has all the data points that Google needs to “read” a site. This is called on-page SEO. This is done by adding meta data in all the right places inside your website back office and by using keyword rich copy. Another great way to increase the on-page SEO authority of your site is to setup a blog. I can also help with that, request on-page SEO optimization services or to add a blog to your business website.

Before launching a site, I also work with clients to ensure their local SEO is in place. Let’s say you are searching Google for a hair salon, perhaps you have noticed that Google will suggest the added keywords of “near me” and your results will appear with a map at the top of the page. This section at the top of the page is called a snack pack. There are simple strategies like geotagging that will help increase your chances of appearing in the snack pack for your business type in your local community. I can help with that. Request local SEO services for your business website.

Do you design logos?

No. As a web designer I do not specialize in logo design. That is a job better suited for a graphic designer. Logo design is a foundational part of solid branding and totally worth the investment! All other design work that lives around your brand will be inspired by your logo, including your website!

If you are looking for a recommendation for a graphic designer, use the contact form to request some referrals.

Do you create designs for print?

Yes. Once your website is done I can do simple print designs to match, such as business cards, brochures, etc. However, you will be responsible for getting them printed.