I started Charlie Birch Consulting because I truly believe that entrepreneurship has the power to transform lives, enrich communities and even change the world.

Unfortunately, too many brilliant product ideas and heartfelt services are lost behind confused websites that leave business owners struggling to connect with clients and lacking the vital momentum need to succeed.
— Charlie Birch, Owner and Web Desginer - Charlie Birch Consulting


Feeling underwhelmed by your business website?

You know your website could pack more punch…

…yet you feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to change and how to improve your site...

It's time to nail your website design once and for all!

So you can get back to what matters most,
growing your business!

A Website Audit is the perfect tool to help you
identify your site's strengths and weakness
so you can focus your efforts and make high impact changes with confidence!

Don’t be fooled...

Sure you can Google “website audit” and come up with loads of free tools
that will analyze your site's technical components.
However, if you are a DIY website owner whose web knowledge is limited,
you'll likely be left starring at an audit that might as well be written in a foreign language.

Additionally, you'll be hard pressed to find an automated audit
that provides insight into your site's overall design.

What you need is an easy to understand action plan
to refine and redesign your site!

A Different kind of website audit!

With a focus on design...
this Website Design Audit service is truly unique!

My goal is to create audits that help entrepreneurs like you
feel empowered to get the most out of their business websites.


What clients are saying...

Charlie did a website audit for me that blew my mind! Super detailed & very helpful! She really took her time to look at my website from many perspectives! Highly recommended!
— Mary Ashanti, Celebrity Makeup Artist - Made Up On The Go
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Charlie really knows her stuff! She is meticulous and helped me understand what was needed for my website to succeed. The audit was detailed and she walked through it with me. She also took what I already had and made it really shine. I completely recommend Charlie and look forward to working with her more.
— Lauren Kay Wyatt, Owner and Coach - Love Renegades
The audit I received from Charlie was thorough, easy to understand and apply, and I received it in a very timely manner. She was there to answer all my questions and is easy to work with. She clearly knows her stuff and how to apply it so that your site works for you!
— Mandi Palmer, Certified Health Coach - MandiPalmer.com
I am SO impressed with how in depth Charlie’s website audit was. It’s very eye opening to see all the ways in which my site could perform better and receive more traction. I will be recommending her to everyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their website!
— Kara Cressman, Owner and Interior Designer - Four Walls Studio
★ ★ ★ ★ ★.png
Highly recommended, the website audit was really thorough, not only highlighting issues but providing practical advice on how to improve it. Thank you!
— Natasha Gupta, Owner and Interior Designer - Blue Feather Design Studio


What you get…

A custom Website Design Audit
prepared by a professional web designer not a computer program (!!)
that outlines your site's unique design strengths and weakness.

Each Website Design Audit addresses
5 core areas of website design.

In total your custom Website Design Audit will
outline and score your website according to
37 web design best practices.

Armed with your Website Design Audit
you'll know exactly what to keep the same and what to change
in order to nail your website design once and for all!!



Here's the break down...


Core Area #1 - website Branding

When done well branding helps your potential customer know what to expect from your business - establishing the “know like trust factor” that is vital to website conversions. When implemented poorly customers are left feeling underwhelmed or confused.

Reviews and Evaluates the 7 Key Elements of Website Branding.


Core Area #2 - WEbSite Architecture

Well thought-out site architecture will help your potentials customers navigate your site with ease. Sites that are thrown together without a thoughtful and strategic blueprint run the risk becoming frustrating rabbit holes that drive potential customers away.

Reviews and Evaluates 7 Key Elements of Website Architecture.


Core Area #3 - website User Experience

Providing positive user experiences to people visiting your site is key to successfully converting traffic into leads and customers. A negative user experience reflects poorly on your business’s customer service.

Reviews and Evaluates 6 Key Elements of Website User Experience.


Core Area #4 - Website Content

There are many types of website content. While some types of content are subjective to certain industries or unique to specific businesses, it is best practice to include some key website content elements.

Reviews and Evaluates 8 Key Elements of Website Content.


Core Area #5 - WEBSITE SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Good SEO helps Google and other search engines understand what is on your website. When your site is not optimized for search, search engines often choose to ignore it. This means your site will not be displayed in search results.

Reviews and Evaluates 9 Key Elements of Website SEO


Get Your Actionable 37 Element Website Design and SEO Audit Today!


Wait there's more!!


BONUS #1 - Coaching Call

When you purchase a Website Design Audit, you'll also receive a one-on-one coaching call with me to ensure you fully understand each and every action item outlined in your Website Design Audit!


BOnus #2 - Blogging Checklists

When you purchase a Website Design Audit, I will also include my Blog Creation and Blog Publication Checklists to ensure that you can know exactly how to make the most of your website's blog posts.


BONUS #3 - Account Credit

When you purchase a Website Design Audit, you will get an additional $300 credit toward any future website work you might choose to outsource to Charlie Birch Consulting.


That’s a total value of $600 for only $197.

Don't waste another precious moment
making random impulsive tweaks to your website hoping for a magic bullet...

... instead request your Website Design Audit today to
start making focused strategic changes to your business website
that will have a major impact!



Money back guarantee

I love educating people about website design, SEO, and site management best practices.
My goal is to ensure that my clients hire me for exactly what they need and nothing more!
When my clients no longer need me - my job is done!

All Audits are conducted using a pass/fail metric...
If your site passes all 5 Core Areas, all 37 Best Practices have been followed and no improvements can be identified then I have nothing to teach you and you'll receive a full automatic refund in place of your audit.