Do I REally Need
A Website Design Audit?

Wondering if you are in the right place?

Well tell me… does this sound familiar?

😔 My website looks unprofessional. I am embarrassed to send people to it! I even tell people it is under construction when it isn't :(

😓I know my site needs work, but I have no idea where to get started. I have thought about hiring someone to help me, but I am afraid I will get ripped off.

😩I can't figure out the best way to organize my website so that people can find what they are looking for!?? It makes sense to me, sorta, but it seems to confuse people!?

😞I have a website, but it doesn't get results. All my business still comes from word of mouth, referrals and networking. Maybe a website just isn’t gonna work for me?!

If this sounds like the voice in your head… then a Website Design Audit is exactly what you need to start turning things around!



Hi! I’m Charlie Birch

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I started Charlie Birch Consulting, a boutique web design consultancy, to save small local business owners everywhere from sad websites that suck.

Working with my clients has taught me that most small business owners benefit tremendously from some basic website education.

I created my Website Design Audits to educate and empower even more small local business owners to take control of their website success.

This signature system offers customized + actionable expert web design advice that won’t break the bank!

Armed with your very own custom Website Design Audit you can…

…transform your local small business website into the effective marketing tool your business deserves. Best of all, you can do all that in-house!



Website Design Audit

My signature Website Design Audit is a tested system based on one simple truth - high performing web design is not rocket science!

Great website designs have 4 primary things in common…

1️⃣Custom Branded Design - to make your business look legit!

2️⃣Strategic Site Architecture - so your visitors don't get lost, frustrated, or distracted!

3️⃣Core Content Elements - to establish the vital know + like + trust factor!

4️⃣On-Page and Local SEO - so you are findable on all major search engines!

Once you have a website that checks all these boxes, you'll gain confidence that your small business website is optimized to…

✔️ put your business in front of ideal customers

✔️ communicate exactly what makes "how" you do business remarkable

✔️ convert web-surfers into loyal customers

Finally, you can rest easy knowing your website is working for you not against you - what a relief.



What clients are saying About Their Website Design Audits



What’s Included in A
Website Design Audit?

Your Website Design Audit…

➡️ is prepared by a professional human web designer not a one size fits all computer program!!

➡️ highlights your small business website's unique design strengths and weakness - in plain English.

➡️ is organized into 4 core areas of web design - branding, site architecture, content, and SEO.

➡️ covers 31 web design best practices.

➡️ provides clear actions steps you can take right away to up your website game - #LikeaBoss!

Here's the break down…



Great branding gives your business credibility and personality, helping your local business stand out from the competition in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Each Website Design Audit Reviews and Evaluates
7 Key Elements of Website Branding



Well thought-out site architecture prevents potential customers from getting lost, distracted, and frustrated while exploring your website - aka it’s good customer service!

Each Website Design Audit Reviews and Evaluates
7 Key Elements of Website Architecture



Folks today are increasingly website savvy. There are certain content elements they expect to see on your website. When present these elements help you earn people’s trust!

Each Website Design Audit Reviews and Evaluates
8 Key Elements of Website Content



SEO helps your website communicate with major search engines like Google. Future customers are already searching for you. Is your small business website findable?

Each Website Design Audit Reviews and Evaluates
9 Key Elements of Website SEO



To make sure you are 100% prepared to take action on the information included in your audit you will also receive…

… a private coaching call with yours truly!

👩‍💻Coaching Call - 1 hour of private coaching. We’ll meet in my private Zoom room at a time that works for you. You can ask me any all questions that are swirling around in your mind. You will walk away with absolutely certainty - you fully understand each and every action item outlined in your Website Design Audit!


That’s a total value of $300…



for only $197



Don't waste another precious moment making random impulsive tweaks to your website hoping for a magic bullet...

...instead request your Website Design Audit today to start making focused strategic changes to your business website that will have a major impact!

Get Your Custom + Actionable 31 Element
Website Design Audit Today!



Money back guarantee

Your Website Design Audits is risk FREE!

My #1 goal - educate business owners like you about website ownership so y’all can leverage the power of the inter-web to grow your businesses and thrive! The day my clients no longer need me - I do a little 🎉 celebratory 💃 dance, because that means I did my job!

All website design audits are conducted using a pass/fail metric. If your website passes all 4 Core Areas meaning - all 31 Best Practices have been followed and no improvements can be identified - then I have nothing to teach you and you'll receive a full automatic refund in place of your audit.


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