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Website Design Audit

‣ A full four pages of custom actionable design recommendations

‣ Prepared by a professional designer, not a computer program

‣ All you need for a site that looks great and converts!

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Web Design Coaching

‣ “Done With You Design” - expert guidance, useful new skills!

‣ Branding + Site Map + Web Copy + SEO + Lead Generation

‣ Professional effective results and new found confidence to boot!

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One Page Starter Website

‣ Simple, clear, and gets people talking… yup about you boss!

‣ Help customers find you online with a simple homepage

‣ The least you can do for the business you love!

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Full Service Design and Redesign

‣ “Done for You Design” - trusted professionals at your disposal!

‣ Custom Branding + Site Map + Web Copy + SEO + Lead Generation

‣ You grow your business, we’ll build your website!

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WHY Choose CBC?

We are focused on website design that works!

Effective Small Business Websites Have 6 Things in Common!

  1. Modern Branded Design
    Modern websites make you look cool! This makes your customers feel cool by association, which is great for business.

  2. Clear and Simple Site Wide Navigation
    Confused website visitors bounce, literally. Make it easy for people to find what they are looking, so they can say “yes!” and give you their money.

  3. Easy to Read Scannable Content
    People are busy! You only have seconds to grab their attention and communicate your value.

  4. Clear Calls to Action, Optimized to Convert
    Invite people to take the next step! If you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it!

  5. Strategic On-Page and Local SEO
    Be findable! Local customers are already looking for you on Google and other major search engines.

  6. Responsive Design
    Be where your customers are! When your site looks good on all devices, your business is literally at everyone’s figure tips.


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Client Success Stories

Charlie goes beyond helping you design a website. She works collaboratively with you to identify and develop your vision and your brand and truly cares about your success as a business owner. Charlie combines her creativity in designing a website, intelligence from a technical perspective and passion for helping others into a masterpiece for you to run your business.
— Amy Godfrey, Founder of EmpowerMentors
I would be remiss if I did not thank Charlie for her hard work designing the Earth Angels for Dementia website. Her understanding of our needs and her execution of the project was not only professional... it was awesome! I would highly recommend her services and am pleased to tell her future clients how impressed I was with her service! Thank you Charlie!
— Cheryl Caliri, Co-Founder - Earth Angels for Dementia
Charlie did a full redesign of our website. She expertly captured the essence and energy of our business, translating it into a visual source of information that our clients, and prospective clients, can easily understand and navigate. We constantly receive compliments on the beauty of our site. Charlie’s work is inspiring. We highly recommend her services!
— Deana Bonafiglia-Ruiz, Owner - Heart Revolution Yoga
I am SO impressed with how in-depth Charlie’s website audit was. It’s very eye-opening to see all the ways in which my site could perform better and receive more traction. I will be recommending her to everyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their website!
— Kara Cressman, Owner - Four Walls Studio
The audit I received from Charlie was thorough, easy to understand and apply, and I received it in a very timely manner. She was there to answer all my questions and is easy to work with. She clearly knows her stuff and how to apply it so that your site works for you!
— Mandi Palmer, Owner -

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