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Geeking Out on Local Business Website Education and ReDesign 

Speaking to local business owners in plain English about creating remarkable findable websites - then setting them free. 

To explore - in real time - how working with me could elevate your local business website, snag a free consultation.


My Story

Charlie Birch, Owner, Web Design and Local SEO Expert at Charlie Birch Consulting.

Hi I’m Charlie

I work with small local business owners - like you - delivering advice and recommendations in plain english.

Then designing and launching remarkable findable websites. Finally, I’ll be found training each of my clients to manage site updates like the bosses they are! 

That’s what I do, but that’s not who I am… 

And let’s be honest shall we.. If you don’t get me and trust that I will get you, we can’t work together. So…

Fun Facts About Me

  • I consider myself a remote work advocate. I work from home. Collaborate with clients via Google docs. Meet with clients in my trusty Zoom room. My boxer-pit Wallace Weezy is never far away. 

  • I am 100% self taught. My formal training is in dance and psychology. In other words, unlike other web designers and developers you may encounter who have studied design and computer sciences. I still remember exactly what it felt like to know diddly-squat about websites. Years ago I got ripped off by a designer years ago and was forced to teach myself web design.

  • I geek out on web design - the perfect blend of technology and psychology, art and science,  structure and creativity. Right brain left brain. Most of all I love taking a traditionally transactional service and transforming it into a rich collaborative relational one. 

  • I grew up in a small town, then went off to travel the world. Despite what they say I was able to “come home again” with a new found passion and appreciation for small town living. I want to live in a world where small towns thrive - where community is valued. 

  • I believe business and entrepreneurship has the power and responsibility to leave a positive and lasting impact on the world. This belief is my true north and informs “how” I do business.



My Mission

In a world where small businesses are increasingly virtual and redundant generic corporate storefronts have become the norm in communities everywhere…

I am a web designer on a mission to elevate small local business ecosystems by providing business owners with high-quality website education and redesign services.





My Promise to You



Win-win relationships are my bottom line!

My clients trust me with their dreams and this is not something I take lightly - at all.

I promise…

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