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Website ReDesign Services



Website Design Audit

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and fix your website yourself - if only you knew exactly what to change?

A site design audit is what you need:

‣ “Do It Yourself” Booster - the most affordable way to uplevel your website

‣ A full four pages of custom actionable design best practices, prepared by a professional (hello!) with your business and your audience in mind

‣ All you need for a site that looks great and converts!

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Web ReDesign Coaching

Don’t want to modify your website all by yourself, but you do want to stay in budget?

Then let’s work together!

‣ “Done With You Redesign” - expert guidance and clear instructions: you’ll know what to change, and how

‣ Branding + Site Map + Web Copy + SEO + Lead Generation

‣ Professional site redesign and the skills you need to keep your site updated

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Full Service Redesign

You want your site to work for you, but you can’t (or don’t want to) work on it yourself?

I’ll do it for you!

‣ “Done for You Redesign” - for biz owners who want a pro to do the heavy lifting

‣ Custom Branding + Site Map + Web Copy + SEO + Lead Generation

‣ You grow your business, I’ll manage your redesign project!

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The “Work With Me” Experience Rundown

I always speak to my clients in plain english, educating them about every stage of website ownership - empowering them to make confident informed decisions about if and when to invest in their websites. 

I work collaboratively with each and every client to uncover and showcase what makes their way of doing business unique and remarkable.

Consider this… 

Sure, you could hire me because I’m creative, or tech-savvy, or because I can save you time, but you could also:

Hire me to put fresh eyes on your current website. Hire me, because my perspective is - like your clients - less informed that your own. Meaning I will see the gaps in the messaging, the confusing places that cost you business. And above all, you’d be wise to hire me if you want your website to give people a sense of what it feels like to do business with you - making them eager to become a loyal customer!

When you hire me for those reasons… of course I will also bring my creativity, my tech-savvy and my time that buys back yours.  And together we will embark on a funtabulous collaboration, transforming your website from a dead weight marketing tool into a growth promoting asset - a customer experience you can be proud of! 

Plus, you’ll encounter No Jargon. No generic copy. No long-term contracts that threaten to bleed you dry. And best of all I’ll train you to manage your site like the boss you are!  


 Okay, now that we are both on the same page…

Are you ready to get started creating the small business website of your dreams?

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It’s not going to schedule itself.


Client Success Stories

Charlie goes beyond helping you design a website. She works collaboratively with you to identify and develop your vision and your brand and truly cares about your success as a business owner. Charlie combines her creativity in designing a website, intelligence from a technical perspective and passion for helping others into a masterpiece for you to run your business.
— Amy Godfrey, Founder of EmpowerMentors
I would be remiss if I did not thank Charlie for her hard work designing the Earth Angels for Dementia website. Her understanding of our needs and her execution of the project was not only professional... it was awesome! I would highly recommend her services and am pleased to tell her future clients how impressed I was with her service! Thank you Charlie!
— Cheryl Caliri, Co-Founder - Earth Angels for Dementia
Charlie did a full redesign of our website. She expertly captured the essence and energy of our business, translating it into a visual source of information that our clients, and prospective clients, can easily understand and navigate. We constantly receive compliments on the beauty of our site. Charlie’s work is inspiring. We highly recommend her services!
— Deana Bonafiglia-Ruiz, Owner - Heart Revolution Yoga
I am SO impressed with how in-depth Charlie’s website audit was. It’s very eye-opening to see all the ways in which my site could perform better and receive more traction. I will be recommending her to everyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their website!
— Kara Cressman, Owner - Four Walls Studio
The audit I received from Charlie was thorough, easy to understand and apply, and I received it in a very timely manner. She was there to answer all my questions and is easy to work with. She clearly knows her stuff and how to apply it so that your site works for you!
— Mandi Palmer, Owner -